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How We Started

Brooke has always been drawn to caring for children. She started babysitting at a young age and realized quickly that it was her passion. After growing up in New England, Brooke moved to Malibu. Although she always dreamed of starting this company, Brooke has worked as a Nanny and Personal Assistant for many high net worth and high profile families. With her extensive experience working for different families, she hopes to use this knowledge in placing her clients in a thriving environment.

Brooke lives in Westlake Village with her husband, son and two dogs.

About Us

At Malibu Nannies we understand the challenges of keeping a home running smoothly and we are here to keep it that way. We pride ourselves on finding you the perfect fit for your family.

We take the placement process very seriously and listen to all of your needs so that we may meet all of them and more! All of our clients are thoroughly screened prior to the interview process.